Peace be with you always.

As an intuitive creator I am inspired by the wonder of the world around me, I am a painter with a passion for  story telling. Inspiration  for my work evolves deep from my feelings and from dreams,  very often evoked by animals, nature and music. Painting and creative writing have been a constant part of my life. I have always had a vivid imagination and often see and feel the world differently to others. When I paint it is a very personal and spiritual connection, and there are at all times words, they arrive to inspire or they arrive as I paint, and a narrative evolves.

Red Jazz below is a piece of work inspired by music when I was living in North Devon, I created a collection of works themed around music dance theatre and festival. The work was large, often lose in style and the colour palette very vivid.

My work evolved from the bright festivities as I researched the routes of festivals. Leading me to myths legends and animal totems. A Sioux Indian tipi was created in collaboration artist Bryony May and the installation was in place at Kings College Taunton for three months. For this purpose Bryony and myself created the characters Saffron and Yarrow, we created various mythical masks with the students and encouraged them to explore the tipi. The Indian nation is known for it’s verbal history and art passed down through generations.



The eagle spirit left is the key character in a story called Darkness To Enlightenment. She is saddened at the worlds destruction due to avarice. On further flights she discovers hope, pockets of remaining peoples. She calls upon Goddess Iris to unite the people the animals and spirits to unite in a new world of  harmony and togetherness. The full story is seen below in a montage of all the paintings. This is available as giclee prints, metal prints, silk and upholstery fabric.

My work is still evolving and I constantly travel, collecting new inspiration. I am travelling through India and Nepal for three months from January to April 2018. This commences with a one month residency at Sanskriti Art Foundation, in New Delhi. I will be responding, no doubt, to the enlightening of the senses from the cultural experience. There is much new work pending from Terschelling,  Ireland, Iona and Dartmoor and then more to come, from India, it is all very exciting. For a period of time unavoidable factors have impeded my creative process. I am looking forward to immersing myself  in art and a new exotic culture.